Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Gemma Collins: Weighloss inspiration!

I don't know what this girls doing but she's sure as hell doing it right! Transforming herself from the Gemma I watched just months ago on ITVs TOWIE and demonstrating that if she can do it, everybody can. I have always been a huge fan of Miss.Collins not only because of her bubbly addictive personality but also because of her relationship with weight loss and food in general. I expect Gem has been to one of her famous boot camps and I really wish i had her dedication towards exercise but unfortunatly I have NONE; every pound f my weight loss to date if from healthy eating and healthy eating alone as I am notoriously against exercise. Seeing Gemma look so smiley and comfortable in her own skin really inspires me, she really is a role model to woman everywhere.


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  2. I guessed she really need to loss some weight!
    She needs to take some jogging and other exercise and some weight loss tea like african mango and other slimming healthy tea.