Sunday, 17 March 2013

~ Blog Sale ~

Organizing this mini event has been rather exciting and not to mention liberating as I'm finally letting go of all those pieces of clothing 'Ill wear one day' or 'Save just in case'. I am so sorry that its late but the internet connection in this apartment has really been against me today (typical timing hey!)

All proceeds will be going straight into our 'House Buy' fund. For any young adults out there saving towards their house deposit you will appreciate that ever little helps really.

I am only listing a few items as an experiment really to see how much interest I receive, then if all goes well I have LOTS of clothing in storage from when we moved house which I may just have to resurrect towards the cause. 


I purchased this last year in Las Vegas and its remained unworn since
US size: 1X~  Brand Name: Miss Chieveous  . Pretty Vintage style dress. Detail includes tasseled skirt, netted bust & has a real Vintage feel to it. NEVER WORN without tags. 

Purchased last year from the New Look Inspire range. Again this is another  item that has never been worn, I think it was a hasty purchase if I'm honest. Size: 24 Opaque top with small beading detail to the front. 

You'll begin to notice a pattern here, half of the items of clothing I own are in fact from New Look; this next item is no exception. The size 24 Vintage style top has great detail yo both the top & bottom; frills to the collar and a special cut hem. I am only selling because the item is alot bigger than I thought....could perhaps be worn with a belt or just as it is. 


This item has been sitting in my wardrobe for 2years without so much as a 5minute visit out to say hello Hehe, so what better time to get rid and bid it farewell. I think with its pink candy stripes its rather girly and pretty, the light material would make it a brilliant buy for the upcoming Summer. 
Size: 20 NEVER WORN. (Above left)

 This next one was also purchased in the US and is size 1x Black dress. NEVER WORN. Only reason I', selling really is because I think it'd much better suit a taller woman and not a shorty like me.(Above right)

Ridding my wardrobe of some of these black items just in time for summer will help bring a bit more colour into my life (and of course into my wardrobe). The size 24 black blazer listed below is again from the trust worthy New Look Inspire range and turned out to be a very lucky wear as I was offered my current job after acing the interview. Maybe YOUR due some luck, it may just work for you too :-) 
(Above left).

This size 20 'Scruffy Cardi' as Iv so lovingly dubbed it has been with me for a couple of years. It's thick knit makes it the ideal snuggle item for those winter months. (Above right)


This size 22/24 Burgandy Cardigan was bought from another of my fav stores (YOURS) & has hardly ever been worn as it looks a little too long on my 5ft3 frame. However, its in perfect condition and I have every faith it will give someone else a lot of good service. 



I believe the Size 26 White shirt with black cuffs (From EVANS) (seen below) has an almost Vintage appeal to it and would look great on the right person. 
NEVER WORN without tags.

Now , Im rather upset about selling this next item as its really pretty and came ll the way from Las Vegas when we visited the city last year. Again, my greatest injustice in life is that Im rather short meaning that this Vintage style netted dress (US size 3x) looks way too long. Its far too beautiful to start chopping and customising but Im sure someone else will LOVE it. NEVER WORN without tags (As you've probably already guessed I really HATE leaving the tags on things LOL.

 New Look has served me well over the years. This size 24 pink shimmer style top looked totes amaze when I wore it out clubbing last year and got a few compliments on the dance floor too. There is a small zip detail to the back too. (see other photo)


These size 22 New Look blue skinny jeans have never been worn and were another item i told myself 'I'll wear it one day'...
 but I'm saying farewell because every little helps towards the house fund.

Another New Look Inspire special is the size 24 Royal Blue top with button detail to the back which i think is rather quirky as it gives others the illusion you've got dressed in the dark and are actually wearing your top backwards. 

The scarf listed below has only been worn a few times and is from Rocha John Rocha. There are also lots of handbags and accessories to tickle your delight so have a browse and bid away.

 The Pumps have a faded appeal but are hardly worn & are a size 6 from Topshop. The Black ankle boots are a size & NEVER WORN.

(Below) Jessica Simpson Handbag (Never used) in a burgundy color with bow detail to the front.  Lots of accessories all being song in one single bundle; includes x3 necklaces, bracelets, a fashion watch, broach and headband.

 Interested in any of the items you see ladies? You will need Paypal. Then all thats left to do is make me a reasonable offer (either comment on this article below or Facebook inbox me if your a 'friend').

Happy browsing
Enjoy <3


  1. Hiya, I just stumbled across your blog (glad i did)and i'm interested in quite a few items
    The ones i'm interested in are

    Miss Chieveous white dress
    The lucky blazer!
    The evans White/black cuffs blouse
    The lacey dress from Las Vegas and the pink sparkle new look top!

    I know you've asked people to give offers but could you let me know how much you'd like for these items instead? I don't want to offer a price and possibly offend you!!

    Also i'd love to see all the other clothes you have in storage!!

    Thanks x

  2. Hiya,

    I'm so glad you came to visit my wee blog. I see you a lover of vintage style fashion like me, loves it ♥

    Miss chievous dress £10 ( was $35)
    Lacey lasvegas dress £10 ( was $35ish)
    Pink shimmer top £8
    Lucky blazer £15 (was £30)
    Evans white cuff top £15 (was £38, never worn)

    Then each item would be £2.50postage but if youd like to purchase more than one item we can talk about combined postage hun, let me know.

    If this blog sale is a success I'm certainly going to rescue my clothes from storage and see if anybidy would like to giveme them a good home.

    Aand be sure to follow my blog

    Netty ♡