Friday, 24 August 2012

Life changing transformations: Fat to thin

It still amazes me whenever I see celebrities (who are larger than the average famous person) completely transform their figures in a matter of months; my immediate question is how?!

Whilst browsing the internet yesterday evening I caught a glimpse of a face I knew but a body I did not recognise. This stunning, well dressed, perfectly tanned woman was no other than CAN Associates Claire Powell. Powell who manages the likes of Peter Andre' & Amy Child has lost almost five stone and apart from that signature smile of hers pays no resemblance to the person she once was.

Many women in the spot light over the past few years have followed suit and drastically transformed their look. The big difference is Powell has also transformed her entire look to compliment her new curvy figure; tight vest tops, skinny jeans etc feature regularly in her wardrobe. On the other hand many other celebs who have shed the weight have yet to make that transition from their fat selves to their newer thinner selves and still insist on wearing clothes that are dull boring and not to mention too big. If someone has put in the time & effort to gaining their ideal body then surely they should embrace it rather than suppressing it. I myself found it very therapeutic when i decided to sell all of my bigger clothes on EBAY after dropping another dress size. 'Out with the old & in with the sexy I say!'

Claire Powell re-invented as the sexy blonde after loosing 5stone
Claire Powell as her former self...

The biggest question on every Woman's lips is; HOW!? What is Claire Powell's secret. Claire claim she lost weight through "smaller portions, working hard at the gym and saying NO!"

 Comedienne Dawn French, Singer Jennifer Hudson, Actress Pauline Quirke all made the same decision to drastically alter their unhealthy ways, and of course there was the controversial cover-up by Fern Briton who presented 'This Morning'. The truth is, we will never really know who is lying about their methods and who perhaps stretched the truth a little.

In today's advanced tech society we are able to offer obese Women an endless amount of possible solutions to their problem; there are thousands of gimmicky regimes, other op for vigorous exercise plans and a selct few for the more painstaking surgeries. As long as those women are happy with the end result then who are we to judge?! From speaking to many woman with weight issues (each with their own preferred methods to shedding the pounds) I have quickly realised that it depends on the persons ethics, lifestyle, finances and most importantly their willpower.

After attempting to fight my own weight demons with perhaps hundreds of different programmes I have finally found the one for me. My Philosophy is in many ways very similar to Claire Powell's; I focus on portion sizes and learning how to say NO!. There is no counting, no measuring, no eating of gut wrenching concoctions required, the only requirement is the ability to make one's own decisions. 

Weigh-on Monday, I'll keep you posted.

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