I’ve just read ur blog i love it, i see exactly where u are coming from and i too wish movies were reality but unfortunately nothing ever happens the way you want it to, i agree with the cofusion of why ‘nice people are left on the shelf’ it just isn’t fair :(
Reader Helen Barran (2010)
         I love Netty...she makes boring subjects funny just in the way she tells the storey!
         She has done so well with her weight-loss despite having a sweet tooth and she looks
        fabulous! Well Done chick, proud of you xxx
        Reader Gemma Jones (2012)
        Love your blog Netti never fails to make me smile so relatable!! 
        Reader Jo Lee (2013)

        Janette I quite enjoy reading your blogs lol x
         Adelle Holding (   )

       Reading this made me smile. I love the fact that you are stepping out of your shell and rocking   
       whatever the heck you want, whenever the heck you want! ;-)
       Kiah Torres   

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