Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My journey to the '15 Stone Club'

Current weight 16stone1pound. Current weight loss to date 4stone 6pounds. It has been a slow testing journey and still one that very much continues today.

I am without a doubt at least 7lbs lighter than when I met my Partner which makes me grin no end.  However, I am desperate to get into the '15 Stone Club' as he himself achieved this about 6months ago and I saw how happy and elated he was.

Mondays official weigh-in was a mixed bag if I'm honest; I felt happy, annoyed and yet angry all at the same time. Happy, because I was one pounds lighter than I was the previous week (I keep reminding myself how one pounds looks in its physical form and it comforts me. Annoyed, because I know i could have hit the 2lb target had i not given into my traditional X Factor munching session. finally, I felt really annoyed because I am 1lb into the 16's and its tormenting me no end as I have reminded in limbo (going up & down) in this particular weight band for months now. believe me when i say this, the day I finally achieve my 15stone13 it'll be a real highlight because I would have conquered something that's been hanging over me for ages. As a way of ensuring I finally achieve that milestone I am exchanging my fizzy drinks for water and limiting my snacking no matter how healthy it may be, everybody's metabolism is different and I know mine well enough to recognise that it only responds to a very limited calorie intake if I'm ever going to get into the 15 stone club.

2 more pounds to lose and I shall be an official member of that prestigious club. Wish me luck.

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