Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Shopping stress!

Ever since I started college over 6years ago I have become increasingly addicted to shopping, fashion and when I can afford it some pampering too. There's nothing better than waltzing round the shops, having lunch then a manicure without a single care in the world. When I'm shopping I'm in another zone, in a different world, it relaxes me and its great sometimes just to get away for a few hours and talk to no-one.

Being fat for the majority of my life I have always had to improvise...buying outdated clothes featured mainly in stores like Evans etc. Using my creativity and imagination Iv revamped dresses into skirts and often taken a few inches of the length of various things due to the fact Im so bloody short.

Going shopping is nowdays a bitter sweet experience for me. Yes I manage to find bargains where ever I go but I just wish i could look on ALL the rails which stock the modern day fashion instead of having to walk to the back of the store to find the 'fat section' as I so like to name it. These clothes are outdated, frumpy, unfashionable and horrid! I so wish I had the opportunity to speak to someone about designing a new range...especially in 'New Look'. Their +size 'Inspire' range inspires me to be good on my diet because the clothes are all so damn ugly!

Previously it has depressed me going into these stores and finding the items I like the most only go up to a size 16/18. However, Im flipping this emotion on its head and trying to look at the situation with a fresh attitude....nowadays its 'inspiring me to loose weight so I can shop on every rail like a normal person.

Additionally, I have ventured into places like 'River Island' with my younger sister who's also a plus size like myself and find the experience uncomfortable and intimidating if I'm honest. Shops like this only stock sizes 6-18 and when you try the things on the sizes are much smaller than it states on the label. Furthermore, the 'Barbies' (the staff) there physically looked the pair of us up and down as if to question our presence in their shop! Then when we purchased things they had attitude! My sister commented on their clothes going upto bigger sizes but they thought it was a joke! And the thing that annoyed me the most when a girl i once knew went for a job there and on arriving to the interview was turned away because 'their uniforms only went to a size 18!' so get bigger uniforms then you twat!

I look forward to the day I can shop in the boutiques of Lincoln and get a size 14/16. I never began this journey with the desire to be super-skinny, instead I just wanted to get down to a normal weight and buy the clothes I loved the most.

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