Wednesday, 14 May 2014

He said I was his best-friend....

Apparently we were quite the comedy act...
We'd not been out for over three months I guess we had the house move, our holiday, Christmas & a general lack of funds to thank for that. 

So, when our staff Christmas parties landed on the exact same day this was the perfect opportunity to go out, let our metaphorical hair down and really enjoy ourselves......and we did....apparently!

We both woke the morning after and had no recollection as to what happened, all we had were a few photographs, some witnesses and huge smiles on our  face. We admittedly drank way too much but I think it totally bought us closer as a couple.

Even in our drunken state people claimed that we were 'an absolute double act' and 'so clearly in love'; it makes me feel great knowing that we show how much we really do over one another without actually really trying, its just so obvious to everyone.

A few days later Andrew confirmed what I knew already, he said 'Your my best friend, I think Friday night made me realise it, its bought us closer as a couple'. Hearing that from someone who as a rule never tells me he loves me very often and never really opens his heart to me, was absolutely amazing.

(Extract from my journal December 8th 2012)

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