Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Introducing my new video blog ♡

Here it is! My video blog.

For a while now Iv wanted to bring you guys more fashion and less weightloss talk. By doing this I think taking the emphasis and pressure off losing weight will be much more effective.

Additionally I understand that although many love this blog, some do not reading lengthy posts or reading for that matter. So, heres a new approach,  I will continue to write but also video blog about fashion and accessories.

So please add your friends, respind and comment. I'm always looking inspirational blig ideas so keep them coming.....
Love & kisses

Due to a technical fault of my own I recorded my first edition in the wrong format so couldnt upliad it directly to this blog.....theresfore the next best thing is a direct link to my youtube page...clickhere!

Any future video posts will be posted directly on my page.
Please enjoy, add your friends, respond and comment.
Peace and love xoxo

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