Saturday, 15 June 2013

Respect the Specs.....

Many would agree that when it comes to deciding what to wear or fashion in general its important to consider EVERYTHING! Afterall, whats the point in spending time and effort pondering on the perfect outfit only to turn up to an event with god awful hair or scruffy footwear? It annoys me no end when I see beautiful female cashiers on the tills in my favourite highstreet stores and I look down at the girls nails only to notice they have six inch of dirt under a botched or ill maintained manicure.. I mean why! Really? I stand 100% by the statement that an outfit says alot about the person; chances are if you are dirty and lazy in fashion you are probably lazy in life lacking aspiration and unwilling to make any effort.
I consider my hair, nails and makeup each a contributory factor in my fashion identity. My red hair highlights my bold personality and reflects my desire to be unique, different and individual. Also, my nails are always manicured and painted in a vibrant colour whenever Im off duty in order to reflect my happy approach to life believeing that a little colour brings happiness to even the darkest of days. Today I add another spanner into the mix as I prepare to collect my new specs from the Opticians; this is the first time since becoming fashion consious that I have chosen a pair, Every other visit I'd opt for boring thin frames with little colour or design only this time Iv been slightly more daring and chosen a thicker geekesk frame. Ideally Id have loved the pink frames but Pinks not  colour that tends to compliment certain shades of clothing, I thought a more neutral colour was appropriate.

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