Wednesday, 22 May 2013

 Ever since I was a little girl being at the beach, inhaling the fresh sea air and listening to the roaring waves has always had such a calming effect on me.

Some of our best family memories are at Blackpool or Skegness (cheap and cheerful). Building sandcastles, convincing Mum our good behaviour merited at least one more go on the donkeys; since then a lot has changed I mean the Donkeys even get a compulsory dinner break now.

Every time I visit my favourite seaside resorts of Scarborough and Whitby I become very nostalgic and suddenly i become a little Kid again; working the penny slots, writing messages in the sand and chowing down on all those delectable Seaside treats.

The important thing about having a 'treat day' or allowing yourself to consume those forbidden fruits is the acceptance that this carefree indulgence is only temporary as the point counting resumes as soon as the clock hits Midnight. With that in mind, yesterday i enjoyed the traditional Fish & Chips, some sugary doughnuts (compulsory) and some of the tastiest Lemon cheesecake ice-cream ever. Knowing I' ve allowed myself those yummy luxuries yesterday and I'm back on track today doesn't make me feel the slightest bit guilty; I had fun, I knew my limits and I was fully aware that the DAY of overindulgence couldn't last any longer than that!

As you regular readers may know, I now accepted my past downfalls in my ongoing mission to lose weight. 1) No longer will it be called a 'diet' as that term is simply depressing and increases the likelihood of failure. 2) I now realise that my carefree personality not only NEEDS instruction and clear limitations (like Weight-Watchers Propoint counting) but I also LIKE it. For now, depending on my own judgement in regards to food and calorie allowance is NOT going to work.
3) Being a 'serial weigher' has never really helped me. Once upon a time I'd step on those evil scales 4-5 times daily and as you'd expect they read heavier ever time as I ate my way through a days food intake. Recently Iv gotten alot better and in a bizarre twist going off track for a few months 9and therefore not giving a toss where the scales were let alone how fat they thought I was) actually meant that I learnt how to live without them. Also, having scales in your home isn;t always the best if I'm completely honest as it's a constant reminder to yourself and everyone who visits that your on a 'diet'. I have vivid memories of a 9year old me weighing myself every time I went to the toilet just because the scales sat directly at your feet almost as you peed.

Well thats it for now.... its kind of obvious when Im staying on track as these posts become more frequent and lengthy, work is my distraction from not eating I guess because whilst ever Im typing it's pretty tricky to hold a chocolate bar. *Janette contemplates attempting to test this theory and eat WITHOUT any hands* NO! STOP IT!

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