Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I'm on the 'New job' diet.....

I'm in the second week of the new job and my routine, sleep pattern, schedule and eating habits have changed drastically. I now start off my day with a delucious weightwatchers blueberry muffin accompanied by a energy boisting banana to see me through my lengthy days. This is a huge step for a girl who at the age of 24 {almost} still cant bring herself to be a huge fan of breakfast.

I'm too busy, too tired and too preoccupied to over indulge at the moment. Afternoon naps have now become my best friend, my strangest observation is that when Iv had a good sleep I tend to make more responsible decisions about food. Alternatively,  when a persons tired and lothargic theyre likely to crave whatever the eyes see first { often likely to be greasy stodgy type foods. }

As I predicted, snacks and free cakes aren't made readily available; some might say this is totally devastating but for me its actually a huge blessing. Therss no popping out for something from Greggs or paying the vendor a little sneaky visit as I now work on a fast paced busy ward; basically what I take with me in the morning is to last me until I return home. I'm now in the routine of eating a regular healthy breakfast {even if I'm commuting whilst munching} and Im making healthy choices about what I put into my mouth. Its so easy to slip into a vast hunger for naughty things in order to compensate for the miserable damp weather were faced with most days, but I'm trying to be strong.

Everyone I know seems to be trying to lose a few pounds, it must be this cold depressing time of year or perhaps the fact January means a new beginning for most. So I'd like to wish all of my fellow dieters out there every happiness and the best of luck in your journey in achieving your 'perfect' body.

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