Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New attitude!...

Last month there came a moment where we both (me and Andrew) looked at one another and realised we were rapidly settling back into our old eating habits; midnight snacks, ordering regular takeaway eating 4 meals a day and generally having no consideration for nutrition or healthy eating. I was reaching the doomed 17stone mark again.... since reducing my weight from 20.5stone in 2009 I vowed Id never get anywhere near that point again but by ignoring 'small' gains each week it was quickly adding up. I was seriously beginning to feel like I just couldn't be bothered with caring about my weight any more. Additionally, Andrews attitude was growing to be very similar to that of my own and for months he had put his healthy eating/exercise plan on the back burner. Combine Andrews recent lack of attention to calories and nutrition with a few stressful events of late he had gained (like me) a few pounds and was beginning to hate what stared back at him in the mirror. The final straw came from from a very wise and very lovely old lady.... AKA Andrews Mother. Hazel wouldn't intentionally set out to hurt anybody's feelings but one day passed a comment about how Andrews 'big belly was coming back'- this ultimately shocked him into having an entirely new attitude! Since that comment was made over 3 weeks ago he has been a much happier person, sticking to a calorie controlled diet whilst still preparing delicious and attractive meals. the difference is amazing and i can tell already that he's lost weight even though is says he wont get weighed for at least another week.... I'm so proud of him and cannot wait to see his progress in stats.

Im feeling much happier too.....In just 3 weeks Iv lost 4lbs.... yes I went out for a Chinese last night, yes Iv had a few treats and yes Iv still had a few disastrous days BUT ultimately Iv limited my Chocolate intake, increased the amount I walk and generally avoided binging as much as I used to. Iv realised that without straining myself or depriving myself I have actually lost weight enjoyed it. For example this evening we are having fresh chicken breast frilled on rolls with a side of coleslaw and salad.

Instead of being hard on ourselves, depriving ourselves and refusing to buy anything tasty on shopping day we have began limiting what we eat and spreading out the treats instead. Fact is.... its better to lose weight gradually as you are more likely to maintain in the long run. Diets can sometimes be depressing due to the lack of variety and an overwhelming sense of it having to go on forever so we are trying hard to make it fun tasty and manageable.

I knew before I even weighed in that I felt like I had lost weight and just couldn't resist weighing in a week prematurely; certain pieces of clothing were hanging off me where as previously they'd been a perfect fit. So, I rewarded myself with a few vibrant new purchases to match the huge grin on my face.

Here are 5 minor changes I have made:
*Swapped my 111 calorie yogurts for 10calorie Jellies (more food for less calroies)
*Walking a little more instead of catching the tram EVERYWHERE
*Limiting bread/carbs in general but still enjoying home-made chips in fry light etc
*Eating more fruit and veggies
* Limiting chocolate/having a cream cake on shopping day once weekly

My Big Bro is getting married in August (8weeks away) and I am determined to lose another 10lbs by then... I can do this! Feeling so motivated at the moment, couldn't be happier.

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